Safari Professional Hunter Certificate Program

COAGS now offers the opportunity of a lifetime!  We have an opportunity to provide our students with a Safari and Exotic Animal Program.  This program will allow our students to work towards receiving a highly sought after safari guide certificate.  This vigorous course will take place in Colorado at our training facility. This program is designed to give you all the skills and information to get started in the Exotic Hunting Industry and Wild Game Ranching in the USA.

Upon completion, our students will have a safari and exotics certificate from COAGS that will be a competitive differentiator in one’s guiding and/or outfitting career. Upon Successful completion of the program you will have an opportunity to get some hands on experience in a workshop on an Exotic Ranch Facility. This program is designed to help students that wish to find guiding opportunities in the safari and exotic hunting guide market in the United States, specifically in Texas where the safari market is ever expanding.

Come join us and learn about all the exotic animals that you can usually only find in Africa, Australia and New Zealand!  This course will also provide you the potential to work overseas in the off season.  Sign up now to participate in this unique course.