Premiere Guide School in the Rocky Mountains

The Colorado Outdoor Adventure Guide School is proud to be the premiere guide school in the Rocky Mountains, and as such, COAGS has been interviewed and published by some of the leading magazines in the outdoor recreation industry. Click on any of the highlighted articles to read more about the Colorado Outdoor Adventure Guide School.

Outdoor Articles

Where Do All the COAGS Graduates Go?, January 2008“COAGS graduates go any place they want to”
Number of Hunters Falls, November 2007“Hunters are a powerful force in American society”
Full Scholarship, June 2007“A huge demand for good quality guides”
What Were They Thinking Mar 2007“Adventure in the Colorado Wilderness with three 12 Year Old Boys”
But What A Moment! Feb 2007“The Colorado Outdoor Adventure Guide School”
Heartland USA, Feb 2007“So You Want to Be a Professional Guide?”
Whitetails and Dreams, Dec 2006“Whitetail Pro Guides”
Whitetail 101, Nov 2006“Whitetail Guides”